Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Well Written Book.

You wait for ages for a wee blog posting to come along and you get two in one night! This second entry is about a wee book that I have an interview in. The book is called "Basic Textile Design 01" and is written by Frances Stevenson and Josephine Steed.

On Amazon there is a great review Tom Embleton, from Northbrook College, UK. 

'The concepts, sentences and ideas were very clear and written in a student friendly way ... very good illustrations which are very appropriate and quite exciting. The case studies and interviews are excellent, giving students a broad look at the different aspects of textiles, also some really good quotes. One particular strength is the fact that the authors and interviewees all continually reiterate the value of drawing and solid research ... I did feel like picking up my sketchbook and starting to draw many times whilst reading.' 

Click on the above links to take you to the relevant Amazon page. A bargain at double the price!

Another book is in the offing that features my work, but more of that later in the year!

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