Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Photographic Source

These images are a small selection of what excited me from my travels to the Uists in the Outer Hebrides and the Shetlands in 2009. There are a couple of shot of me in them that were taken on another trip to Harris and Lewis a few years earlier. I have included them here as even then I was looking at the Scottish Landscape with an eye that informed my woven work.
On my trips in 2009 I was fascinated by the small and insignificant as well as the large, dramatic scale of these rich landscapes.

The camera allowed me to compose and examine, colour, texture and the juxtaposition of one surface against another. It allowed me to record and reflect. A method which was to become important and vital to my developmental research in to this new body of work.

These images were instrumental in moving my practice on in a new, diverse and exciting direction, where diversification became my buzz word during this research. Yes I am and always will be a weaver and interested in surface through the woven cloth, but with this research I became aware of what I can and could do with a series of marks on paper.

This will I hope become apparent as I populate this blog with more postings.


Donna Smith said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos. Very inspirational. I can see you were in Burra!

PickOne said...

Hi Donna, Thanks for your comments! Indeed I was in Burra ... loved it there and I looking forward to a revisit!

Hope all is well with you