Sunday, 6 February 2011

Light Drawings

Uist, to me has such a barren landscape, yet I found the outcrops of lights from distant dwellings on horizons strangely beautiful, romantic and haunting.

The haunted landscapes fascinated me, especially with the movement of distant lights in the forms of light houses and speeding cars which flitted erratically across the twisting roads.

Lighthouse Lighthouse VII
Car Brakes
When taking these images there was an uncertainty to what I was actually going to get. I enjoyed and liked playing with the ethereal qualities I was generating. Getting the perfect image became a tad addictive as I felt the next image would always be better than the previous. Thank goodness for digital technology as completed images numbered in 100's, displayed here are just a fraction of what was taken.

Driving Rain
 These images became the basis and part of a series of drawing which I later developed in my studio, but at the time I was unsure how if indeed these images would be used, but they were to become integral to both my visual research and my new woven surfaces. 

Dancing Light III

Dancing Light


Apparition II 
Apparition VII

Apparition XI

These images were taken while driving to my ferry connection in Lochboisdale, Uist to the mainland at about 05.30 in the morning. Even at this time of the morning I was surprised at how much activity there was on the roads and how much light emitted from distant dwellings.

These images gave me interesting apparition like marks in the landscape, that constantly surprised me. I had a fantastic voyage across to the mainland from Uist studying the results from my digital camera. 

These images were later used in drawings as you will see.   

Winding Forth
Dancing Apparitions 
View From Barra

The image above is one of my favorite images and illustrates to me the isolation and the haunted beauty the Uists had over me while there in November 2009.

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Fiona Thompson said...

Great photos, blog looking good! Important I think to see the source material behind the work.