Monday, 29 October 2012

Threaded heddles.
View from the back of the loom looking through to the front from the back beam. The threading has been complete.
Pulling the individual threads through the front beam, two ends per dent with a fish eye hook.
Once the all the threads have been drawn through the dents attached to the front beam they are then tied onto the front stick in bundles of 10 or so. Weaving can now begin. 
This is a couple of shots of the beginning of the cloth collection that has a working title of "Hebridean Shore" ... well for the time being anyway. It's always tricky giving your products a name, I usually come up with a name fairly early on but they do tend to go through various incarnations before I settle on something that I either like or is fitting to the piece.

Like the other double cloth collections "Hebridean Green, Gold and Sunset" wefts are limited to the warps and I am really linking the contrast of the mercerised cotton with the lambs wool, which all hark back to my original drawings made whilst out in Shetlands and the Outer Hebrides - hence the names!

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