Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday ...

Monday and I am feeling very organised ... taxes done and paid up to date, lesson plans completed for Leith School of Art night class, TQFE stuff up to date for Dundee College and ... well, all is well! Great to get to this position and now just have to keep on top of it all!

Saying that I am feeling a tad social networked out ... Facebook, Twitter and Blog ... what else? I have let the Blog thing slide but I will try to get back into it as I see it as an important networking tool for promotion and advertising, which in the current climate has to be a good thing. Will try to do better!

The back ground and the image enclosed is what I call one of my app drawings, which I designed on my i-phone using three separate apps. This was a photograph of a drawing, then put through three differing apps (... all free at the time ... ) then used as source for my treble cloth woven structures, which can be seen on my FB page (PickOne)

I will keep adding images and as I said in an earlier post try and keep it more visual ... STILL trying to get to grips with it all, especially with all the ovr lap, so will see what works best.

Please let anyone you think maybe interested in this blog know about it as I seem to have gotten stuck at 16 for quiet some time!

My fault!

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PickOne said...

If anyone knows of an efficient way of linking up these three sites .... PLEASE let me know. I am thinking I hit the Twitter and Facebook button on my blog and this sends the same info to both of these social netwarking sites ... problem is its my personal FB page it gets sent to and not the PickOne FB page ... would be good if it went to my PickOne FB page to try and separate them both out. Does that make sense?