Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Archival Images

These are a few images from my back catalogue dating back to 2001 ... I think. I no longer weave using this technique as you will see in the oncoming weeks. I have moved on from this layered way of working, at least with less emphasis on the floating warp and weft and more toward geometric shapes within the form of the flat cloth, which I will go into more detail as I move forward with this blog.

I think in the importance of documenting the present and all the visual design processes that I have gone through to get there I feel I  have to document the past so you, the viewer can see where I came from. I will try to do this in a logical process as possible. Being very aware of the dyslexia I have this may not be that apparent, but I will try.

The first three pieces have been woven using Scottish Shetland yarn with the top piece being a commission to Ann Sutton. The commission was was taken the first time I did the Chelsea Craft Fair in 2001.

The rest are woven using mixtures of lambswool, mercerised cotton, dip dyed silk-linen and Shetland Yarn. All were woven on a 32 shaft dutch made computerised Louet loom, which I still use today ... excellent for storing information on and quick to use with the fly shuttle. The only disadvantage I can see is that I have one box on the fly shuttle ... I say disadvantage, it's not really as it has forced me to be more creative with my warps to get more colour and I suppose texture into them.

Over the next wee while I will document my practice and will cover my inspiration from the Scottish land and sea scapes. I will document my photography, my mark making and my use of the i-phone as way to generate design possibilities, through to my sampling on the loom to the finished items.

I will throw in my mistakes, dilemmas and disasters to show that it aint plain sailing or easy ... time management being my biggest dilemma. I co run the craft based shop Concrete Wardrobe in Edinburgh with my business partner Fiona MacIntosh, I have a .5      
contract at a Further Education College in Dundee, I teach a night class at Leith School of Art as well as participate in their weekend and summer school programs. I also teach weave classes from my studio in Leith, Edinburgh. I am also currently taking part in a TQFE qualification to help with my teaching ... it is all doable and it continues to be for the most part. For me it's a life style choice ... one which I enjoy hugely with all the challenges it brings.

I have been meaning to get this blog up and running since I received a Creative Scotland Development Award in 2009 to document my practice and now feel the time is right.

Please feel free to pass this on to any other interested parties and share my blog with anyone who feels they may benefit and enjoy it.

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